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"Fuck, my tea."
- me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via peachiecreme)


who decided being gay wasn’t manly? gay sex is technically twice as manly, you are literally doubling the amount of men in it

"He is still obsessed with Alex Kingston"
- 5 things we learned about Matt Smith at Fan Expo [x] (via themysticalsong)
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Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill on Alex Kingston (Fan Expo Canada)
  • Fan: Who was your favorite person [to work] with on Doctor Who?
  • Matt: Each other. Or K-face...I think ultimately, we were sort of spoiled with each other...
  • Arthur: Alex, as well.
  • Matt: Alex Kingston, very. The most insatiable flirt on the planet.
  • Arthur: With everyone.
  • Matt: Yeah, even with herself in the mirror. It's incredible to witness.
  • Arthur and Matt: *laughing*

The cast were asked about the sale of Doctor Who merchandise:

Alex: “There’s something that we can’t even mention, isn’t there?” She then whispered in Matt’s ear.


5.02 // 8.02 : (part 1) (part 2)

"And yes, you are covered in sick."

-The Doctor really knows how to take a girl on a good second date.

"What a fucking nerd"
- Me talking about someone I love  (via katisque)

is this guy even real


is this guy even real

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Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill at Fan Expo Canada today.